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Thanks for asking...

                Here's our story...

​Prairie Faith Designs was founded in October 2013. The Company was originally created to share joy and a piece of the country with you, while helping cover medical expenses for our family. Through personal pieces, home accents, and our story- Prairie Faith Designs seeks to inspire you and add a touch of the Prairie to your home and life. 


How we got here in the first place... 

It all started with the original company-

"One BLESSED Mommie", created in March of 2011. Natosha picked up a pair of scissors and some fabric and began creating items to sell on etsy, because medical equipment was needed for her medically fragile daughter, Denalli. 


Not long after that- Casey and Natosha had their 5th child, Ryka, and discovered she too had the same degenerative and progressive medical condition as her oldest sister. With medical expenses pilling up, Natosha continued to create beautiful works of art and was able to get the girls the equipment that was needed. Fast forward to the creation of "Prairie Faith Designs", where the beautiful handmade products quickly spread all across the country and made an appearance at the PBR and 2 appearances at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas (2015-2016).

Today- Prairie Faith Designs is still dedicated to creating and designing unique items that reflect the life and heritage of the "Western Cowgirl". The 2 young ladies (Denalli and Ryka) that have inspired the journey from the beginning- continue to thrive and live life to the fullest-


         We want to thank you for all the support that has been abundantly received from our customers. Please share our story and pass our products along to those that you love. We look forward to continuing this journey along side you. 

A tid-bit more about the medical complexities: 

Out of the 5 beautiful, amazing, quirky, loving children, the  oldest and youngest daughters- Denalli and Ryka were born with a rare genetic disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type II. SMA is similar to ALS and is a degenerative and progressive genetic disorder that affects all the muscles in their bodies. The medical equipment needed and medical expenses covered include some of the following:
Power chairs, manual chairs, specialized bedding, dietary supplements, gas for travel, hotel costs, food costs, medical devices, medical supplies, adaptive equipment, special vehicle payments, ect.  

Currently-  Denalli is 15 and Ryka is 9 years old. Though they struggle in their bodies and in this life, they are both incredible girls with a powerful purpose in this world. Anyone who meets them are truly blessed by their presence and the inspiration they abundantly share.  


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